How would you display the dress in the museum?

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Ideally, this is my ideal exhibit of this artifact. You'd start with the dress and realize it exists between these two women and we have other artifacts connected to Mary Todd Lincoln as one would expect. The Smithsonian has her tea set. We have these beautiful things that represent the life she led in the White House. There's very little we have of Mrs. Keckley although there a few artifacts here and there in other collections we might borrow but there're many images of Washington, D.C. at that time and you can trace her life, and I think this exhibit would move out from each woman's biography to the people they were connected with, the church they attended, the world they operated in and you'd see this elite white Washington, D.C. of the era and the working African American D.C. of the era, and they'd been an area of overlap and there'd be interesting-- For example, there's a wonderful image of the celebration of emancipation in the District of Columbia and you could go back and look at that sort of event and events such as Lincoln's inaugurations and look at it and realized there're a lot of different eyes looking at this. There's these invited wealthy people up on the podium but there're many other people watching and that this event is meaningful in different ways for African Americans and for white Americans at the time and I think that duality or just the presence of different perspectives and different stories around this one artifact is the key insight I would want people to-- I'd want to make available to people and I think most people would be fascinated to realize how many stories are connected with this one dress.